Hello and welcome.  I paint in a small home studio tucked between the trees and lakes east of Seattle.  I usually create with a cat curled up on part of my art and a corgi sleeping at my feet. 

I have a passion for a simple still life, the diverse texture and beauty of nature, and the human figure.  Lately a hint of mischief has taken over; animals and people interact, crows live with a santos and transport cargo, and disguises take over.  Stories emerge and often words conclude the piece.  Usually the painting dictates the way it wants to go and my original idea morphs into something entirely different.  I just need to get out of the way and aid its birth.  Reality is unhinged just a little and a new world view emerges that hopefully brings a smile to the viewer.

I love the connection between color, texture and found objects.  Colors dance, lines zig, plaster crackles, slick paint glides over layers of the past, layers build up, buttons pop, thread stitches, stories unfold, the discarded becomes current, the ordinary is elevated, and words from books bring conclusion. 

Welcome and I hope you smile,